As you grow old, having financial security and a steady flow of money month by month is no less a blessing than good health. Seniors who have crossed the age of 62 can get a reverse mortgage if they are looking to secure their financial future. A reverse mortgage in Beverly Hills can be a good option.

Reverse mortgage allows people who are 62 and over to get creative with their financial planning. A reverse mortgage works on the simple principle that your home’s equity should be of use to you when you need it. As part of reverse mortgage senior citizens are able to access part of their home’s equity, while still enjoying all the comforts of their home.

No Need to pay it in the Lifetime

Most people are skeptical about mortgages because they come with a threat of repayment looming large over the borrowers head. For seniors in Beverly Hills, a reverse mortgage stands in stark contrast to a traditional loan. The borrower does not have to pay for the mortgage payments withdrawn in their lifetime, as long as they remain living in the home and keep up with property tax and insurance payments and maintenance of the home. The amount will only be deducted once the last of the borrower has passed away or moved out of the home from the proceeds of sale from the house.

Keep the Ownership and the Money

If you are over 62, your house is your sanctuary; people who provide reverse mortgage in Beverly Hills realize that. This is why the ownership of the house and the title deed will continue to be under the sole of ownership of the original owner as long as you keep up with the property taxes, insurance payments and maintenance of your home.

Don’t let a dwindling fortune come in the way of your post retirement lifestyle, tap into your home’s equity and contact us to get a reverse mortgage in Beverly Hills today!

This material is not from HUD or FHA and has not been approved by HUD or a government agency.

As with any loan there are risks associated with a reverse mortgage.  The right to remain in your home is contingent on complying with reverse mortgage loan terms and it is possible to lose your home if you do not comply with the terms of the reverse mortgage such as keeping current with property taxes, insurance and maintenance costs.